Connie reminds us that Today is the right time to say Thank You

Remembering Commodore Connie Martell

Carole Giarrante (left) and Connie Martell (right)

Life is so precious and goes by way too fast.   We hear it, we know it and yet we procrastinate daily.

Case in point: During the early days of the Pandemic, until just a couple of months ago, one of our wonderful volunteers was making masks (100’s of them) for VBA staff, volunteers and patients… basically anyone that wanted or needed them.

I had spoken with one of her friends (a co-worker) and shared that, once things open up, I wanted to take the Connie to lunch and thank her for all of her time, energy and compassion.  I even wrote her a card, but truly wanted a face-to-face meeting with this amazing & beautiful soul.

I never got the chance…..Connie Martell passed away in mid-May after a brief illness. 

I never got to hug her, I never got to look in her bright smiling face and thank her personally, because I was waiting for the right moment….and this morning when I picked out my mask for the day, I knew I needed to share this.

Today, this moment, is the right time to say thank you, to ask forgiveness, to laugh out loud and to hug those you love.  Not tomorrow, not on your day off, not when you find time…TODAY! 

Connie Martell, belated volunteer who made hundreds of masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meet Connie, isn’t she beautiful?

We are blessed beyond compare… we have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in and more than enough food to sustain us…our conversations range from the latest news to what restaurant to go to.  Most of us have never been homeless or without funds to see a doctor or get lifesaving medications.  If we can make a difference in one life, why do we wait?    

So today I say thank you… for all of the smiles, the words of encouragement, the time, energy, donations and love that you share.  And in case you never met her I want to introduce you to Connie.    

Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic was near and dear to Past Commodore Connie Martell (she was not just a mask maker).  She prayed for VBA, she donated her time and talents to VBA and she wanted you to know she cared about what we do.

If you would like to learn more about VBA and what we do, please contact us. We would love to share Connie’s passion.