Meet Debbie………

I had just moved here from Boston, Massachusetts and had taken my prescription to CVS to be filled.  I was told that it would be $800 because my insurance did not cover me in Florida.

I did some research with family & friends and learned about Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic and that they may be able to help.

 I have Chronic Fibromyalgia – and it is imperative that I have my medicines or I end up sick and in the hospital.  I definitely did not want that to happen, especially during Covid.

That same day I got a call from a new Primary Care doctor that happens to be in the same building as the VBA Clinic (Millennium).

They prescribed Pregabalin, and even though VBA does not dispense it, I was able to get it filled through their PAP program.

VBA was extremely helpful in my new venture in Florida and very attentive to all of my medical problems. They are awesome and I will tell everyone I know about their services. 

I appreciate everything VBA did to help me and I am looking forward to being able to go back to work soon.