VBA Medical director, Dr. David Klein

Medical Clinic

The Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic provides qualified Charlotte County residents with no-cost, onsite exams, primary and semi-urgent wellness services, medical care, minor procedures, and access to limited surgical and laboratory services.

Volunteer Pharmacy

The VBA Clinic Pharmacy provides prescription medications, one-on-one counseling, and patient advocacy services for enrollment in drug manufacturers’ compassionate care programs.

Front view of clinic

Wellness Services

We promote, encourage and support healthy lifestyles and self-care with all our patients. Programs, workshops and educational materials address weight loss, smoking cessation, diabetes management, breast health and stress reduction.

Our Programs

Clinic Services

Clinic Services

VBA patients come from all walks of life & economic circumstances. The VBA Volunteer Community Clinic is proud to be the health care safety net for Charlotte County.

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Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Sign up for these wellness programs given by the VBA Clinic periodically throughout the year. Learn how to live a healthier lifestyle!

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Become a Patient

Become a Patient

Patients are screened for eligibility for our semi-urgent medical and pharmacy services. We serve residents of Charlotte County, FL, who are 18 years of age and older and who do not have health insurance.

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VBA Clinic Logo, A Commitment to Caring

2022 Year-

Mission Statement

To provide no cost volunteer medical, pharmacy and wellness services to the under-served in Charlotte County.

Man silouette showing 39% of VBA Clinic visits
44% Men

Woman silouette showing 61% of VBA Clinic visits
56% Women


Prescriptions / Value

Medications Source


19,989 filled

98.5%, National Charitable Organizations & Patient Assistance Programs



1.5%, purchased


Annual Dollar Volume: $3,459,814

Cost of Goods: $3,900,000

Operating Cost: $900,000


Annual Dollar Volume: $5,000,000

Cost of Goods: $60,000 (78X)

Operating Expenses: $232,563 (3.3X)

VBA Clinic Vision:

To assure that all Charlotte County residents have access to quality health care.


Clinic Patient Encounters
(5407 Clinic, 4266 Specialty)


Average Cost per Patient

heartrate monitoring


Total Value of Care
(excluding Specialty Services)

brain function


Referrals to Mental Health


Avoided Costs to Local ER

health care provider


Individual Patients Seen in Pharmacy

clipboard for counseling


Total Pharmacy Visits, cost per patient $230

helping hands


2022 Volunteer Hours at a value of $734,076 (excluding Specialty Services)

helping hands


Value of In-Kind Services, Medications, and Supplies (including specialty services)

We Appreciate Our Community Partners!