Charlotte County’s under-served population has many faces…

Paula and Mike were a hardworking couple. Though they struggled to make ends meet, they were proud that they were always able to pay their own way.  Sadly, neither had health insurance, but they knew that they needed medical attention, but had no idea where to go and no money to pay.

Then, an article in The Charlotte Sun about the Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic caught their eye. Paula urged Mike to put aside his pride, and go in for an exam. He did and was diagnosed with Naso-Pharyngeal Carcinoma – cancer of the throat.

After the diagnosis, Mike and Paula embarked upon a course of care with a team of compassionate professionals at their side…free of charge. The VBA Clinic arranged for Mike to receive radiation treatments at Moffit Oncology Center and today Mike is cancer free.

Said the couple, “It could easily have been a very different story. We can’t describe how wonderful everyone at the Clinic was during our time of need.”