Debbie’s Story

Meet Debbie……… I had just moved here from Boston, Massachusetts and had taken my prescription to CVS to be filled.  I was told that it would be $800 because my insurance did not cover me in Florida. I did some research with family & friends and learned about... Read More

A Mission Message from Maggie

In honor of Virginia B. Andes, I would like to thank the organization for its superb volunteer work in the delivery and facilitation of Medical, Pharmacy and Wellness Services to the under-served in Charlotte County. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I am... Read More

Another Success story at VBA… Diana

“Hi, my name is Diana and I have been utilizing the VBA Volunteer Clinic since 2005.  It’s a wonderful program run by all Volunteers, very caring men and women. The limits they reach out to help you are amazing! And they have many services. But back to my weight... Read More