Corporate Match Donations

Each year, companies and businesses support nonprofits by distributing hundreds of millions of dollars in matching gift donations.

Corporate Match Donations

For those who may need a refresher, matching gift programs are corporate philanthropy initiatives that reward employees’ charitable donations. After an employee makes a donation to an eligible nonprofit, they fill out a matching gift submission request and submit it to their company’s HR department.

If the donation and nonprofit meet the company’s guidelines, the company cuts a check to the nonprofit for the same amount as the employee’s donation (and sometimes even two, three, or four times that amount!)

Matching gift programs are a great way for companies to engage employees as well as branch out into philanthropic initiatives.

Whether you’re part of a company that wants to start its own matching gift program, or you work at a nonprofit that’s looking for a few extra matching gift fundraising dollars, these seven companies’ matching gift programs are worth taking a look at!

Check with Your Employer

Your employer may have a donation matching program.  Check with your employer for details.